Loser Club


When we launched Loser Club, we never intended to release official rarity. Though there are 1/1's and rare's in the collection, our focus is on allowing holders to own what is reflective of their own personal choice, providing a diverse and inclusive collection, where the value was determined by the holder.
In the early days following launch the community requested official rarity.
Whilst we maintain that 1 loser = 1 loser and we should own what we love, we also recognize that our holders do also trade based on rarity. We decided to revisit this subject to offer official rarity, so that there is no ambiguity.
Our only official rarity partner is Rarity Sniper: https://raritysniper.com/loser-club
Rarity Sniper allows us to rank the collection as we wish, regardless of metadata, we did not want to hand select the rarity of each 1/1 or rare. As such, it was their recommendation that we update the metadata to ensure it matches (as closely as reasonably possible) the rarity rankings automatically and algorithmically generated. As such, we made the decision to make some metadata changes to accommodate this.