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Metadata Changes 04/03/22

For context, please first read the previous document on Rarity for an understanding of why metadata changes were made to 1/1's and rares in the collection.

Changing The Metadata

Following the implementation of official rarity rankings, and Rarity Snipers recommendation, we used the opportunity to address some mistakes made with the existing metadata - after all, we're all human. These were as follows:
  1. 1.
    There were a few spelling mistakes in the original metadata, which caused duplication of traits. We fixed these to combine them again.
  2. 2.
    All of the 1/1s and rare's produced were individually named - as such, filtering by type (e.g. all Eternal Losers) required you to select each one (e.g. Eternal Loser 1, Eternal Loser 2 etc.), and so we wanted to improve this experience by renaming and thus grouping all 1/1's and rare's e.g. Eternal Loser.
    1. 1.
      This reduced the number of unique body traits (for the rare's only) from 119 to 24.
    2. 2.
      The number of actual 1/1's remained the same, totalling 15.
  3. 3.
    None of the 1/1s or rare's produced had anything more than 1 Body trait and it became apparent that in order to apply proper rarity scores, all other traits (Background, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes & Super Rare) needed to be included (even if worded the same).
You can view the full published set of changes for all rare's, 1/1's and corrections here: Loser Club - Public Metadata Changes - 04-2022
  • All cells highlighted blue means the trait already existed in the collection and was applied.
  • All cells left white are where new traits were added.
There was no change to the provenance hash or distribution of the NFT's as a result of the metadata changes.

The Changes

What we did not change:
  • No images were changed.
  • No metadata was changed for the core collection.
  • The provenance hash and the order of the NFTs was not changed or affected.
What we changed:
  • The spelling of some metadata (including combining some duplicate traits)
  • Adding a new Head trait for the Devils called Devil Horns - To take the trait count from 5 > 6 to help maintain their rarity.
  • Adding a new Eyes trait for the Aliens called Alien Eyes - To take the trait count from 5 > 6 to help maintain their rarity.
  • Adding Background, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes & Super Rare traits to all 135 of the remaining 1/1's and rare's, which only had 1 trait.
    • The trait names given to the rare's already existed in the collection.
    • If they did not exist, new trait names were created.
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