Loser Club
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Dev Mint Allocation


  • 200 Losers are reserved for the dev mint.
  • 53 were distributed to the team (2 for each person, 5 for J’Von).
  • 147 were held in the community wallet for future giveaways.


Team 1/1's

  • 6 1/1's were minted as part of the dev mint:
    • #0 - 'Nebula 2' - for J'Von, to be gifted to his good friend who helped conceptualise Loser Club
    • #1 - 'Chispa' - for J'Von, to be gifted to a close friends little girl
    • #2 - 'Eternal 21' - for J'Von
    • #3 - 'Lawpez & Little Loser' - for cofounder James 'Jay Lawpez'
    • #4 - 'Brian' - for cofounder Brian 'Brinary'
    • #5 - 'Kylie Pilot' - for cofounder Maryam 'Kylie Degenner'
The remaining team 1/1's will be minted as part of a separate honorary collection which can also grow and be added to over time.

Team Dev Mint Distribution

  • Token ID's #6 - #52 were gifted to the team.
  • Each team member was given a token # allocation prior to mint. This was drawn by Jay at random using the Google random number generator, and witnessed by Nina. This was run until all token ID's had be drawn and allocated to each member, in order that they appeared in the list below.